Rating: 9Rating: 9
Movie Title: 10 Man Cum Slam 13 (10 Man Cum Slam 13)

Released: 2005

Description: This was the most difficult Cum Slam we ever had to shoot. Why? Because we had a black girl getting down on her knees and swallowing the cum of 10 white guys. People called us racist. They said this was what happened back in the days of slavery – all the plantation owners would gather and make the hottest slave girl suck them off, one by one. Once the media got wind of the story, there were calls for a boycott. Our guys had to cross picket lines. But when we asked Jenna what she thought of the controversy, she just shrugged and said: “If dese jive turkeys really knew me, they’d know I’m a straight up sucka. So bring it on!”

Duration: 90 minutes

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